WillMake(s)Things is based in Brighton, currently specialising in limited edition prints and architectural model making. All products made in the studio are unique, combining digital fabrication processes with handmade crafts to create unique and interesting objects.

The print-work is heavily influenced by architectural drawing conventions, using gridlines, hatching and scalebars to create unique and interesting compositions. Each print is hand-finished using 24ct gold leaf which is applied to the surface of the print using a specialist glue which is also painted on to each piece by hand. The way the gold adheres to the print is different every time, rendering each composition unique - each time picking up different parts of the slightly textured german etching paper onto which the design is printed.

Each print is made to order for every client - this includes the prints featured in the online shop. The shop features a selection of popular prints and compositions, but if you can’t find what you are looking for then just get in touch to commission a print.